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The Studio


Studio Pony is a multi-disciplinary Interiors & Exhibitions design practice. The projects we deliver are engaging, exciting and captivating. Our personalised service encapsulates all facets of an interiors project from delivering a concept, lighting, graphics and designing furniture tailored to a specific space. As every project and client is so different, we have the expertise of a mix of creatives at our reach such as architects, graphic designers, furniture designers, visual artists and illustrators. It is this hands-on approach, and access to such a large collective of talented people, that give our projects their energy and design acumen.


Georgie Brooks


Georgie has worked internationally and in Melbourne. Her international experience includes The British Museum and Event Communications in London. Delivering large complex projects such as The Robert Burns Museum in Alloway in Scotland. Included in her international portfolio is a series of Pop-up galleries in disused shops around London. In Melbourne she has worked for The National Gallery of Victoria designing major blockbuster exhibitions, The Melbourne Museum, The State Library of Victoria and ACMI.


Her background is a Bachelors Degree in History and Honours in Interior Design. She is also pursuing her keen interest in jewellery and object design and teaching design at RMIT University.






Georgie Brooks, has an educational background in both design and history. This combination gives Studio Pony a perspective of story telling and narrative within design practice. As all exhibitions are telling a story, Studio Pony aims to generate a visual language that is engaging for all visitors. We believe that all exhibitions should not only be educationally enriching but be an exciting visual feast that stay with the visitor for a long time.




Studio Pony’s design approach to interiors is to generate custom proposals for every project they work on. The current focus is on generating a diverse portfolio of clients from residential through

to retail. For each project, bespoke proposals are presented that draw upon a diverse range of inspiration such as contemporary art, product & furniture design to architecture.


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